Sunday, March 23, 2014

Slight Edification [More Writing Plans]

So I've done some thinking in the past couple of days, and especially after the blog post yesterday, and I changed my mind about Camp NaNo.

I mean, I'm still going to do it. That much is certain... and I'm doing both of them. I realized that I can't finish a story rewrite in eight days AND make it look good. Not to mention that I have other writing projects to take care of as well...

And so, here's a more detailed outline of my upcoming writing plans, until about... August.

MARCH 24th-31st

In this time period, which is from tomorrow to next Monday, I'm going to work on knocking out as much of The Last Nephilim as I can... though due to procrastination, not much will probably be achieved. Hooray for procrastination. Oh, and having a life.

And when I'm not doing TLN or having a life, I'm going to keep trying to write Clinker Girl. I have a LOT of plans for that story.

THE ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL (April 1st-April 30th)

Cue the suspense music.

This is Camp NaNoWriMo, the thing that's like the actual NaNoWriMo but more.... lax. It's in this span of time that, for the most part, I'm going to be working on a novella. Contrary to earlier statements, no, I am not working on the sequel to TLN. That will take a while before I can get to it.

Now, when I'm not working on the Novella for Camp NaNo, I will be working where I can on the TLN rewrite and on Clinker Girl... I have a long way to go with CG. But my primary focus will be, aside from school, trained on the Novella... which is currently title-less.

MAY 1st- MAY 31st OR JUNE 30th (depends on circumstances)

By then, the rewrite should be done and my novella should be complete, and so my focus here will be trained on finishing Clinker Girl and Polaris, a novel I had put down a while ago... If I do finish them both, then I will either set to work on rewriting the novella. Also, I will be looking for editors for TLN.

Also, if the second Camp NaNo is in June, then these plans will halt then... and if it's in July, then I'll have more time.

JUNE 1st-30th OR JULY 1ST-31st

And finally, HERE is where I will work on the sequel for The Last Nephilim, A Nephilic King... My goal for this is 60K by the end of the month so...

If this is held in June, then July will probably be a month off for me. If it's in July... then I don't know. I'll probably have a new story idea by the time July is over.

As for anything else past this time frame... I am currently unsure of. This is all I have planned as of right now.

Well, that's all the updates for right now... Stay tuned for more stories from the Imagination Forest.

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