Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who follows a calendar anymore? [Upcoming Writing Plans]

So... coming up in April is Camp NaNo. Which means that I need to finish the rewrite of The Last Nephilim soon and finish it. Ugh. Time to start cramming.
So many words. Ugh.

I mention Camp NaNo cause I'm going to be in it! I'm doing TLN's sequel, A Nephilic King, for the event... and I hope to have sixty thousand words for it done by the time that it ends. That would be great.

I need to work on making my novels longer.... hmm...

After Camp NaNo is over, I'll probably finish ANK, if it needs to be finished. If not, I'll set to work on finishing Clinker Girl, and then from there finish my teen fiction story, Polaris.

In the meantime, if any readers want to see TLN as I have it right now, there will be a link below.

That's all I have right now from the Imagination Forest. Til' next time!


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