Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Creatures of the Forest

Another blog post, this time advertising the blogs and stories of a few of my friends. So... Not much else to say. Let's begin.

Reina (CaptainDecus)

Reina writes twisted horror, fantasy, and dabbles in Historical Fiction. She was one of those avid fans who's continued to stay and interact with me. I'd recommend Khaos or Fool's Gold on Wattpad if you want to read her work. FG is about pirates!

Reina's Blog (Click here)

Katrin (KatrinHollister)

I look up to Katrin for writing advice and also for great stories. Her specialty is fantasy, and it shows. My favorite story of hers is The Windcaster, and she has another story, Rise of the Vengeful Dragon. I have yet to read the latter, but The Windcaster is definitely worth the look. Both stories can be found on Wattpad. She also makes delectable cakes that look drool-worthy. Recipes can be found on her blog, as well as info on frogs!

Katrin's Blog (Click here!)

I shall return eventually with more blogs to share... as well as more story plans and book reviews. Stay tuned!

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